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About Floating server


What is floatingserver?
The idear behind floating server is to give people an easy way to get a game server up and running. A lot of people wish to be admin on there own game server and actually want to use a lot of time on it. Often this fantasy don't come anywhere because it takes time to set up a server. Most people don't want to think about how the server is running, they just want to play the game.

So what do you offer?
We offer to host a game-server for you for free!
There are two ways we can host a game server for you.

  1. You just need a temporary server for a lan-party or something similar. Simply just send me a mail about the game, possible mods, the amount of players and when. You can set the server up yourself or I can help getting the different mods up and running.

  2. You got a good idear for a game server and wish to be the main admin. This mean it will be your responsibility to make sure people behave on the server, things a running smoothly and help new people to the server. You will also be the one to decide what rules and mods you want on the server. If the server get enough players, you might also need to get some people to help you as an admin on the server. Because the server is part of floating server the game server want be yours. This means that I can remove you as an admin if I get complains about you, or I do not feel like you are doing good enough.